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by the setting sun/
for this is the truth/
it's what you believe in/
all of this time/
always a part of something greater/

i was wrong
and occasionally left behind/
we're all the same as before/
i do believe/
all these things
wouldn't be
such a bad hand to beat/
and everytime/
open your eyes/
when everyone hides/
cause they won't understand

i saw it in life/
saw it in the highest/
and everytime/
another cries/
for everytime you see the light it dies/
wouldn't be anyone but i/

i seek
to believe
all these things that have to come before/
and now they're true
and now they come to me
in facets of truth
i do
all these goals
set before me/
any other time today would be the place to go/
i believe in this life gone by

look and you'll see/
set to believe/
we're all many things/
we're all that is right/
if you should run away/
i think i'll stay/
it wouldn't be your call/
and i couldn't say
all that you wanted to/
all that you ask of me/
do you?/
and i /
i say
the truth that lies in all our hearts is all we have from god/
all i wanted
was to be
inside of you
this could be
the site
of all

Shadows (in my own head)


when so much is beyond my hope
i feel lost and desheveled
where my only attention has been
by unlearning what i know it seems
i'm calling out all lies i'm figuring out

why spend your time looking for someone to lead you?
when my friend there is no one to lead you
let alone now believe you
knowing the truth is in plain view
it's in my own head
it's all in my own head
it's all in my own head
it's all in my own head
yes i know

i have known this through out all of time
there is no place worth running behind
it's just me and my shadow
we're two long lonely fellows

it's in my own head
i love in my own head
it's all in my own head
i fall in my own head
yes i know

splendid machine
you decide all of this
all is made up as much as it's true
i stare in your eyes until i believe you

it's in my own head
i love in my own head
i fall in my own head
i hide in my own
i'm hidden hidden in my own head
it's all in my own head
it's all in my own head
it's all in my own head



if i could hope for one thing now/
it would be so far from me/
for all my truths they now have come/
and i am now free /
i am now free /
while all in all's still happening /
could it be /
nothing more than this /
this is the truth /
this is the factual information you so desire /

oh my call has broken /
i was always with them /
for what i don't know /
i won't give up i will see it /
for this the servant has me and /
never once /
never more than this /
this is the truth /
this is the factual information you so desire /

oh all the silent pouring ages cast across the pages above you watch we'll all be silenced thrown across this empty hall /

all dissent is in for us /
no, i've left nothing /
behind following fast and keeping eyes /
walking past where all sorrow lies /

when all the money's spent and all /
it would mean /
nothing more than this /
this is the truth /
this is the factual information you so desire /

all the painted faces all the ends disgraced and descending falling hours the stars the seasons might describe it for all the universe to abide on their depart the people swore lord there was anger rama i wasn't left inside the whole time there was nothing left but i /

i understand it all /
so far beyond /
i know it now /
and talk to myself in love /
where did it go? /
nothing more /
nothing more than this /
i asked what it's all for /
it's innocent to hide nothing to abide
om om om om



i speed alone for all who ask/
and i adore your stain of glass/
and if you go/
well i would not ask anymore from you/
no i could not speak all these dreams untrue/

and when i said goodnight to you/
in all of these places runs my fondest adieu/
run to my side/
always understanding the way/
oh i could not ask anymore from you/
and i did/
all these times before were true/

i was never lost, never gone to far from it/
prepare for me my bed of thorns/
so i may sleep where blood drips warm/
cover my hide/
let all these words come pouring out of me/
centering earth/
shatters tears/
let me wake/
from all these times now gone ahead/

i know it/

When it goes


And i……know
layed down/
Some lines about how/
i could figure it out my son/
and you’ll be number one
and you are the only one
who knows this/
you arrrrrrre
the only one who knows it/
the only one who knows it/
the only one who knows it/
the only one who knows it
When it goes/
it is gone from us/
When it goes/
it was gone from us/
so much for us/
but it was not lost/
it wasn’t gone too far/


Me i call myself to his name
and i still remain the same
as i was any other day/
and beyond what i could see/
all these footsteps in front of me/
and all the priests and what they decree/
with these words passed on from above/
while what their speeches seem to all lack is love/
and i wonder
wonder what it’s for
as i go
When it’s gone from us/
it’s gone from us/
when it goes it’s gone from us/
when it goes it’s gone from us /
my friends it’s gone from us/
when it goes
It was never ours/
and yet it was us/
and mmmmm/
it mmmmm
it wasn’t such an mmm
an easy thing to mmmmmm say/
go hence
by my
been too
by a sea

Face Yourself


i love /
this place /
i recognize /
this courage /
i could see the sights on high /
and all the answers no one wants /
and they were all mine /

and it begins /
once it's ended /
i want to know /
comprehend it /
but for all it says is pure /
and of these nine lives now 8 just might disappear /

face yourself

so come on and feast on my lies /
feast on lives /
leave them all behind my son /
pleading hearts they make us all mine /
we'll leave them behind /
wash them all in time /

face yourself

bring back my hope /
face yourself

The actor


Many times i waited for you to come and i looked upon my own face in a mirror that i made for myself 'cause i missed when i looked upon your eyes.

please come home to the place we made and you'll cook me some food now and i'll go to sleep dreaming 'cause i'm too young to live alone. please forgive me if i said something to make you go.

i know we'll find us embracing goodbye when my life ends i'll see you behind the stage i spoke so loudly on. in my prime, in my time of pain, i was deaf, did not hear you applaud me from backstage.




fall into it

i walk through the air upon it /
plumeting toward /
i was never around

beyond all this soul /
this is my earth to control /
i blame it and i know /
this is the end of my existence

open air
open air

open /
descend /
disleal /
thy senses will not be stopped /
knealing hearts /
will beat /
upon the streets /
above the concrete /
shed by thee /
yes i know /
where this will go /
i will kiss you under eternal snow /
and my devices will not stop /
my compromises /
well, they've dropped now

wait a minute
now my heart has fallen out the door
wait a minute
my love is breaking down the door

when deciding it's time /
when deciding your life ends /
well this was so pure in my heart in the office /
all decisions say this is it /
so why don't you trust it

wait a minute my love
wait a minute my love
we're home

Loving my illusion


only i know
i could climb by your side
and i saw my own shadow
find me
loving my illusion
my life is beating faster than my own head
how can i know my heart is still breathing out from innocence

oh i know
it's fleeting us
by my own folly i follow
and by this grace go i
making the best of my last hope
or am i
i'm loving my illusion
when my heart is so broken
it's finished
it's been done
how can i know
i think of all the people left behind
lives beginning now



my heart had spoken
within all things unbroken
and i fly to tunisia
left a while within ya
come around
come sun seven times

i walk to the endless line
of this currency time
and my own vision love
my actions risen up
comin forth to celebrate the sound

so where is this freedom??
commence and i'll become
come around come around it child
i love it tomorrow, and i will see it
2 reactions will follow

i know the sunday morning calls with
the beckoning fall of all the
ancient's lies

beyond this i don't know where we come to where we go

so carefully so carefully
i walk towards the bedroom door
cause i got some questions for you
when i said when i come back to say
"what if i can't, what if i am not into it
what are my hands what are my hands if nothing to it
what am i so near and easy, love? i'm not so fond of being easy, love"

hearts and my ancient love in
my permanent run-ins with the ageless love

beyond what they tell you

it's not such an event, my love

It is a lie


once more
tell me what is in store
all the silence is what i long for
but i am not worthy of your love
oh my heart is broken
i could not forget you
i could not be true to you
and i saw
many things wrong
and i know them now
for what it is worth

you test me with the physical
and my mental
emotional eyes
my heart is in it
but my eyes wouldn't believe it
if you showed it to me

what more could i ask for?
more than this song
it is a lie



waking up was the hardest thing we all had to look forward to
ignoring sirens ringing interrupting silent voids for you
i was left i was left on my own
not enough to care for in the absence of all i know

you're story was thickening as self experienced self
each individual now would seem like no one else
count my sins as i cast them aside
letting all that was me from darkening inside

this was it
this was it
with no positive outlet
as time persists
no time exists
within all we had discovered
this resist

everyone knew and yet no one wanted to say
must be scared that all our words would make everything go away
fault in deed is a fault at my side
sorrows come and i take them all in stride

oh i
call upon this anything with anybody a burning sing falling out to see the love
i coming out

is it a heart or my head calling out the mind?
is it the same as the last time before?
some have heard we can know all lies

battling our supposed right
casting out all suspicious eyes
rotting horror still insight
causing sorrow still inside

all i knew was that the times before had gone
and now the times forward had come
and there was nothing more for me to run
wrap my heart as i leave them alone
lieing by on my own lying on my own


was i a disease or was i to be deceased?
was i to be blamed for all i now could see?
"i was left, i was left on my own"
now all i created had become my home

all lies
-left by my side
-and i take it all in stride
-and the silence all abides
as i learn this beating heart beating on
i know your love does not make it wrong
i know

this pain that we create
this pain that we create
this pain that we create

the impossibility of death in the mind of the living


when i knew what was
when i knew what was
when i knew what was
was the day that i knew nothing

oh i could tell everyone
oh i could tell everyone
that the sake of all we had
was for being a god.

though i could see we had wanted
believe that we are one
i could tell all we are none
we're experiencing self
we're experiencing self
we're experience itself

then i tried to grasp a star
i thought it was much closer
than i realized
that i'd never get that far
and i'll never reach that star
as long as i believe
i'm a human is all
i'm a human it's all
yeah, a human its all
and nothing else but flesh and bone
must be
nothing else
than flesh and bone
than flesh and bone
that is all that i must be
cuz i'll never reach beyond the sea
beyond a dream
skies above are all
beyond me

for i
knew that it would come
to a point where i would want
so much more than i had got
in a human form is all
in this human form is all
in the human form is all
cuz you can't do much
with all these things you have
and who am i to ask for more
when i'm thankful for all i got

who am i to ask for more
when i'm thankful for all i got

i'm so thankful for all i got
i'm so thankful

is impossible to know
when you're living even so
we all must go there someday
but what are we to say
when we lie inside our grave
and death is for the living
and isn't that the truth?

who has any proof?

i guess we must all go
to that place that we came from
what the hell is that supposed to mean
to us you and me
we're just living by and by
while the merchants rob the sky
and we're left all on our own
we're finding money to build a home
then we give it all to them
they'll build nice coffins in the end
they'll build nice coffins in the end

oh what is there to do?
what is there to do?



so my heart is an oven for it/
well i know/
make up your mind and you'll see right through it/
yes i know/
in my heart i know/
we all become what we want/
come in errant son/
we all become/
2 3 4/

go an wakem go an wakem you hear it/
by the time it's all come we're disappearing/
when every mother's child cries for the light/
go an wakem tonight/
let them hear it/
listen to the spirit/
listen to the Friday night calling out/
waking all ourselves up/

go an wakem go an wakem my dearest/
The last one to laugh is the one who most should hear this/
what more is my body and soul/
when i was first to lose control/
when you hear it/
realizing someday/
realizing that none of this is goin away/
go an wakem today/

"that is what people call waking up, it is taking responsibility for your life. finding out who you are, what is going on."

nothing outside of yourself

i'm waking up
my heart is open now

go on and celebrate the case of my own waking love.

well something must be to it love.


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love is all i know


my heart is full
follow, it's endless
make sure you know
why don't you ask it
and believe it

yet all the answers
are lying around
you follow yourself and
there's nothing around
make sure you have
and yourself are alive

my heart is full
why don't you find it
bring it along
and never forget it
's illusive

if you feel nothing
the silence around
you follow your rock
you're never around
you're silent
you're broken
you're face to the ground
i know
you'll go on

loving the silence
that's deep in your eye
follow it further
than ever you are
lying beside you
and never depart

all i know
is love

love is all i know.

More to come soon


when i was born for the 7th time/
i could see that you had not been so true/ and my heart
could not so fondly think of me/
as the one who disappeared so gracefully/
come back x7 (!)/
come back i speak and then i say love/

when i was born for the 7th time/
i could see myself as i wanted to/
i could tell by your sunken eyes/
that there was so much more that i would have to go through/
come back come back don't leave/
i speak and then see love/
come back come back don't leave us/
i speak and then say love:
where do you go?
and what do you think of it?
when it was so much more than i could deal?




see i'm not sure take back the hand
go to the stories in all i could tell
we are the ones who decided all this
now we'll see it, but do not be so
distressed by what you have seen
it is merely a dream created by thee
you are the star of that dream can't you see
with you as the star you're the one who has the key

follow my heart, you see it before you
all of these answers will all have come true
you were the one who had saw it before it
i was the one who had missed it next to you
you and me are the same oh can't you see
that is why the words are confusing thee
and i looked to the stars and they all told me
told me what i wanted to hear

i was here iwas heeer i was here first and
you were here second, oh that is the worst
i was here second, i was not the first
who was the first? what could be worse then
not winning not winning

he tells me the truth
he tells me, gives me the proof
he tells me the truth
he proves to me that it was you

GET HIM OUT..............................................................................................

the river 1 and 2


om namo namaha narayana/
want to teach you how to live all alone/
[wanted to handle it by and by/]
want to show you how to be/
want to teach you how it's gonna be/
want to sail down the seas and not have to hide/
waiting to manifest into it all/
ifi hand my hat out to all i once understood/
then i would not see the rest of it onto home/

i saw it beyond it/
and i distort it /
fall into hiding forests /
where it becomes ananda/
and iwas/
falling into
my head/iwas
flowing to my head/i was
hiding out into my head/
and i'm going down the river/
and i'll find all the answers/
i will hang onto the words i had become/
when i long to find my savior and /
it is i/ and
i decided long ago/

when i hold my head right/
feel my answers/
my ancestors/
worthy to it/
will iget it/in the end sir/
will i know it//
find it out from/
All these people/
While my hands are/
Flowing through it/
Find my courage/Dare i haveit/
Final day around

Why was i not so /
Fond to take it/
Undertake it
on my own/
Went to the others/
And i ask them why can'ti/
Why can't i



imagining a thousand points of brilliant light
could not bring you closer to the burning site
realizing all starts ends with me
i could not foretell what i would see

my intuition might tell me otherwise
one to nothing

and i met you before on such election night
the political stresses of the virgin spies
making all sense of what we fear
indescribable though we might hear

now you are king who will be first against the wall?


someone must be so smart to it
someone must have tipped him off to it
oh why

all these other times before
we swear we did not know


all the menaces our thoughts conceal
all with criminal fanatical zeal
ok, we're all victims of this war at hand
so much more than we can comprehend



My horses ain't hungry


my horses ain't hungry
they won't eat your hay
so fair you well polly
i'm going away

your parents
don't like me
they say i'm too poor
they say i'm not worthy
to enter your door

my parents don't like you
your poor as i'm told
but it's you i am after
not silver
not gold

so come with me polly
we'll ride til we come
to some little cabin
we'll call it our home

sparking is pleasure
and parting is grief
and a false hearted lover
is worse than a thief

cause a thief will just rob you
and take what you have
but a false hearted lover
will lead you to your grave