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Where Are You? (lost child sessions)

Lost child
who really knows
My trip to see you was mine
If i kill, who dies
This is a lie parts 1, 2 and 3
Call to arms
Gone away
Face yourself
See me off
Open your heart
Wake'em (lost child version)
Spare me

these songs come from various sessions recorded at the wherehouse in downtown los angeles, during mid '05 when steven bergier was a regular in the line up at shows. this collection exhibits a more roadhouse/rock side of ric veda, with bergier providing edge-like guitar and ambience, lending much to new renditions of past favorites. the songs included in this collection are quite unique in that way among other ric veda songs, and stand alone as rock songs rather than mere embellishments. features ric veda on harmonium, vocals and ektar; j stare on drums and percussion; and steven bergier on guitar and effects.


Poolside Preston House

1. Poolside satsang
2. Poolside twilight
3. My commanches fallen
4. Poolside call to arms
5. Poolside open your heart
6. Poolside war
7. Poolside beyond what they tell you
8. Poolside kirtan/now
9. Poolside dismay
10. Poolside mary, have more children
11. Poolside Loving my illusion
12. Pick up your sands
13. Poolside I walk
14. Poolside wakem (you hear)
15. Poolside closing ceremony

Recorded live poolside at the Preston House in echo park, california very early in '05. as the name might suggest, these are loose and relaxed renditions of already existing ric veda songs, as well as explorations into new songs (such as "my commanches fallen", "loving my illusion" and "mary, have more children". features ric veda on harmonium, vocals, ektar, percussion; j stare on percussion; and scott shannon on guitar and percussion.



1. Opening ceremony
2. Where does one must go?
3. Death is for the living (ananda)
4. Beyond
5. When it goes
6. Grmbl call to arms
7. The river 1 and 2
8. That's about it
9. Helicopter
10. Lies within me
11. Closing ceremonies

A collection of live recordings from a rooftop in downtown los angeles in late '04. these songs are a great mellow introduction to ric veda's world. features ric veda on harmonium, vocals and ektar; j stare on hand drums and percussion; and scott shannon on guitar.


Face Yourself

Face yourself
I walk
Go an wakem
See it in my arms
The time i looked away
Last chants

the first collaboration between ric veda and j stare. a collection of songs recorded at the Hall in downtown los angeles in the fall of '04. includes early incarnations of songs soon to become ric veda staples, such savasana, dismay and wake'em (then known as "go an wakem"). features ric veda on harmonium and vocals; and j stare on drums and percussions.

Now EP

1. Blessing
2. Now
3. Twilight

Ric Veda's first album recorded fall of '03. within swirls of delay and lush soundscapes, ric veda creates a desert world with an infinite sky and loud megaphone voices chanting benediction-like phrases, like "for this is the truth, it's what you believe in". features ric veda on harmonium and vocals.

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